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Joseph Melluso, founder and creator of the Tin Fish concept, started at a very young age cutting fish and procuring a vast array of seafood at New York City's famous Fulton Fish Market. Joseph had the unique opportunity to study with some great culinary masters, including Libby Hillman and Giuliano Bugialli. Subsequently his career evolved from cutting to cooking and the culmination of these fantastic experiences led him to combine the best of his culinary expertise with his extensive knowledge of seafood. His entrepreneurial Skill guided him to create a family-affordable seafood restaurant known as Tin Fish Restaurant.


We Have Locations In:

  • Oceanside, Ca.
  • Imperial Beach, Ca.
  • Okeechobee, Fl.
  • Sunrise, Fl.
  • GasLamp San Diego, Ca.
  • Newburgh, In.
  • Eagle Cafe, San Francisco, Ca.
  • Downtown Fish Joint, San Diego, Ca.
  • Port St. Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie, Fl.

10053 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, Florida, 33322, United States
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